St. Joseph Painting Restoration

Thanks to a very generous grant from the California Missions Foundation the Archive-Library recently restored a “St. Joseph with Christ Child” painting from the collection. The painting of Saint Joseph dates from 18th or early 19th century and is signed “Ayala” which before restoration was almost illegible. The painting is an excellent representation of the art produced in the studios of Mexico City during the colonial period which made their way to the churches of California Missions. It might be the work of Ignacio Ayala (1786-1856) or Joseph Antonio de Ayala who was active in Mexico in the 18th century.


Before Restoration


Part way through restoration


After Restoration


During restoration Fine Art Conservation Laboratory addressed previous attempts to clean the painting which left smears and an uneven appearance. The surface is abraded in some areas due to over-cleaning. There are also punctures in the canvas which needed to be repaired. During the project FACL discovered two more flowers at the top of St. Joseph’s staff which had been wrapped around the backside. The painting was put into a custom time-period-appropriate frame as the final touch and has now returned to SBMAL, safe for generations to come.

Thank you to the Fine Art Conservation Laboratories for their work and to the California Missions Foundation for all of their support! Learn more about how you can support SBMAL art restoration here


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