Good Friends, Good Food, and Good Art!

Phila Rogers, James Brooks, and Monica Orozco.

Phila Rogers, James Brooks, and Monica Orozco.

On Thursday, November 6, 2014, the Santa Bárbara Mission Archive-Library hosted an open house and reception to thank our sponsors and partners in our Deakin Mission Paintings conservation project, and to provide an opportunity for them and all our friends to see the progress on the restoration of the paintings.

In attendance were Marc and Pauline Sylvain, whose leadership gift provided the impetus for our conservation efforts and SBMAL Board President John Gherini and his wife Mary Ann who also provided a generous gift toward this project.

Among the sponsors in attendance were Charlotte and Ken Richardson, Denise Sanford, Arturo Rodriguez, and other representatives from Old Spanish Days, Mary Louise Days, Robert and Virginia Guess, Gary and Marjie Toops, Gary and Louise Matz, Tom and Abby Treloggen, Francisco and Maria Cabrera, Gerald and Virginia Petrini, John and Maryella Petrini, and Phila Rogers. Ms. Rogers’ parents, Howard and Elaine Willoughby, donated the series of 21 paintings of California Missions to the Franciscan Friars of California almost 60 years ago.

Others guests included SBMAL Board Member Prof. Judy Larson, Director of the Westmont Museum of Art, Prof. James Brooks from the University of California, Santa Barbara, David Bolton, Executive Director of the California Missions Foundation, Dr. Anne Petersen, Associate Director of Historical Resources at the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, and Scott Haskins, President and Chief Curator from Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. Mr. Haskins arrived with three newly restored paintings of Mission San José, Mission San Fernando Rey, and Mission Santa Clara de Asís.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the SBMAL Director, Monica Orozco, thanked all the conservation partners for their generous support. She also announced that the California Missions Foundation awarded the Archive-Library a generous grant for the restoration of the painting of Our Lady of Refuge. She thanked Mr. Bolton and the Foundation for their support of SBMAL’s conservation efforts. This restoration work will be undertaken by Fine Art Conservation Laboratories.

Scott Haskins addressed everyone and explained briefly the restoration process. He also introduced two conservators from FACL. who received very warm applause. All the guests expressed their delight with the results of the work by the team from Fine Art Conservation Laboratories.

Everyone was then invited to view the ten paintings of 21 which have had their restoration completed and to enjoy the refreshments prepared by the Virginia and Maryella Petrini.

All photos by Louise Matz.

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